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Hey, y'all!

The Gist

I was born and raised in Atlanta, currently located in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I love stories & literature. I love God. I love the Ancestors. I love my husband and my children. I love the Folk. I love spirituality and community because those are the places where I continually discover divinity. 

The Writer

I write Adult Contemporary Fiction stories that center Black women, Black love, Black folk, and Black liberation. I've been previously published in two anthologies (THE EX CHRONICLES, 2016 & ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, 2017 by Brown Girls Books). THE EX CHRONICLES was awarded Best Short Stories/Best Anthology at the 2017 African American Literary Awards.

The Diviner

Storytelling is embedded in my practice as a diviner. I integrate story with tarot to offer medicine to those who want to be well. As a descendant of midwives and healing women, my purpose as a practitioner is clear. I help folks birth the best versions of themselves, soothe whatever is troubling them, and embrace the pursuit of liberation and consciousness.


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