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Prayer Call



Do you have a prayer request? I'm happy to pray for you! 


Remember the church days of going down to the altar at the conclusion of a service to receive prayer? This was an opportunity to receive care from the community members and leaders, to have them lay hands on you to pray and speak specifically to your situation.


This care work is needed now more than ever before!

Monthly Medicine Live

$88 / 60 min. 

This divination offers the medicine you need by diving deeply into the month ahead. Much like the Weekly Word offerings, this reading is a strategy meeting of sorts which gives a bird-eye view of the following 4-6 weeks so that you feel prepared, equipped, and encouraged along your path.

We will dive deeply into:

  • Your Key Theme for the month

  • Areas of career, love/relationships, and emotional/spiritual wellness

  • Lunar messages

  • Your Medicine for the month

General Reading

(pre-recorded video)

$55 / 30 min.

This tarot offering is ideal for folks who are repeat clients and/or in need of quick insight and clarity regarding a topic of their choice. 


This is a pre-recorded video reading! Your reading will be sent to you within 3 business days from the date you reserve. Excluding holidays.

Weekly Word

(pre-recorded audio)

$33 / 15 min.


This divination offering is similar to my general Weekly Word readings, but tailored specifically to you! I will discuss the major theme for your week and provide insight into how to navigate any opportunities or obstacles the cards reveal.


This is a pre-recorded AUDIO reading with transcription! You will receive your reading via Otter where you'll have the option to save the file to your device.


A link will be sent to you within 3 business days from the date you reserve. Excluding holidays.

What it Do for the Rest of 2022?

$111 / 60-75 min.


Are you in need of a clear vision of where to direct your focus for the remainder of the year? If so, this divination offering is for you!


We will explore:

  • Your Tarot Year Card for 2022 

  • The gifts and opportunities within the Minor Realms of your life in 2022 (career, love/relationships, finances, and key conflicts)

  • An in-depth forecast to determine how you can best navigate the remaining months of the year 

General Reading Live

$88 / 60 min. 

Perfect for New Clients and First-Timers!


This 60 minute offering is most ideal for folks who have never experienced tarot divination before (with me or otherwise) and/or would like to dive deeply into a topic or question.

Weekly Word Live

$66 / 45 min.


The Weekly Word has become one of my favorite community offerings and now you can receive your own word in a live reading with me! I like to call this tarot offering a strategy reading in which we explore the major themes and energy for your week ahead (Sunday-Saturday) so YOU feel empowered to steer your week in the direction that's most aligned with your interests.


We will explore daily energy, opportunities, and potential obstacles for your week. However, the insight is also evergreen. Wisdom from divination provides lessons we can apply over time that extends well past seven days.