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I would love to share time and hold space with you!

View my divination offerings and more detailed information below. 

I recommend reviewing the FAQ prior to booking.

Please note that my readings are for entertainment purposes. Although I take my spiritual care services seriously and it is my aim to practice divination with ethical care, my services should not be considered a substitute for legal, medical, or other professional advice. All clients retain their agency and I am not responsible for any decisions made after consultations or readings.

Tarot Consultation



This 15-20 minute consultation is for folks who have questions about divination and would like some clarity about what tarot is and how I utilize the tool to offer them care and guidance.


This call is perfect for folks who:

  • Are new to tarot and divination

  • Are not sure what questions to ask the cards

  • Are interested in booking a reading but have some questions that aren't already outlined in my FAQs

  • Want to know more about what they can expect in their reading


This is not a reading. The purpose is for us to chat, get acquainted, and for you to learn more about my offerings.

Kinfolk Divination

$35.35 / 35 min.

*This low-cost divination offering is reserved for Blackfolk*

Come and receive clarity about a topic of your choice. Let's explore what's on your heart and discover guidance that aligns with your best and highest good.

There are 4 spots reserved each month.

Mustard Seed Divination

(pre-recorded audio)

$33.33 / 15 min.


The Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, reminding us that when we partner with Spirit, we can do a LOT with very little.

Mustard Seed Divination is for those desiring quick insight or guidance.


**Be advised that for more in-depth questions, you may be recommended to book a longer divination**


This is a pre-recorded audio reading, which will be delivered within 7 business days from the date you reserve. Excluding holidays.

General Reading Live

$123.45 / 60 min. 

Perfect for New Clients and First-Timers!


This 60 minute offering is most ideal for folks who have never experienced tarot divination before (with me or otherwise) and/or would like to dive deeply into a topic or question.

Prayer Call



Do you have a prayer request? I'm happy to pray for you! 


Remember the church days of going down to the altar at the conclusion of a service to receive prayer? This was an opportunity to receive care from the community members and leaders, to have them lay hands on you to pray and speak specifically to your situation.


This care work is needed now more than ever before!

2023 6-Month Forecast Divination

$156.78 / 60-90 min.


2023 is the year of The Chariot, which means we can expect themes of focus, determination, and charting new territory. But what does this mean for you and your individual journey? How can you prepare for what lies ahead in 2023?

In this 60-90 min. reading, we will dive into:

  • Your Tarot Year Card for 2023

  • An in-depth forecast to determine how you can best navigate June-December

Ancestral Medicine

$156.78 / 75 min. 

What do your Ancestors want you to focus on?


This divination offers the ancestral medicine you need now. We will ask your spiritual court for guidance and messages that you need in order to feel prepared, equipped, and encouraged along your path.


We will explore:

  • Ancestral messages

  • Lunar messages

  • Spiritual Medicine for the month

  • Guidance for career, love/relationships, and emotional/spiritual wellness

General Reading Live

$123.45 / 60 min. 

Perfect for New Clients and First-Timers!


This 60 minute offering is most ideal for folks who have never experienced tarot divination before (with me or otherwise) and/or would like to dive deeply into a topic or question.

  • I'm a Christian. Will I go to hell if I get a reading? Is tarot demonic?
    “Divination…is the art of reading signs and/or spiritual or natural materials to unpack supernatural/Divine themes & wisdom.” — Jade T. Perry Prophets are diviners. Pastors and intercessors who go in their prayer closets to receive a word from God are diviners. Your grandmother’s fish dreams accurately predicting birth or hearing bells that accurately predict death are forms of divination. Your watch night services where your preachers and teachers share the vision/predictions for the upcoming year? Those are readings. It’s divination. The Bible says in the last days old folks will dream dreams and young folks will see visions and prophesy. The Divine would be speaking and communicating in an outpouring. This is divination. Many church folks demonize divination when it’s a regular part of their practices. My favorite church-approved divination practice is bibliomancy—looking for signs or a word from the Bible and other holy texts (like fiction and poetry written by Black women and femmes). As a writer and storyteller, I’ve always contacted God through texts. Tarot is another tool in my kit to explore and reshape stories about active movement and transitions in our lives—to expand what was once narrow, to make fluid what was once rigid. And since the Divine boasts of making crooked paths straight, our interests are aligned and unified. All that being said--No, I do not believe tarot divination is demonic or will send you to hell, however I encourage all potential clients who are Christian to pray and clear it with their own spirit before booking with me.
  • What community do you serve?
    As a spiritualist and diviner, I am delighted to work with any aligned clients who are open and receptive to gentle guidance from the Divine as channeled through me as a Black, queer, neuroexpansive, churchy Hoodoo. Since I enter any space in the fullness of my Blackness, I will always strive to center the spiritual, emotional, and overall wellness of other Black people, especially those with multi-marginalizations.
  • I'm a non-Black person. Can I get a reading?
    Of course! However, because my charge is to center other Black people of the Diaspora, some of my divination offerings are reserved for Black folk. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at
  • So, I booked a live reading but what if I need to reschedule?
    No worries! Readings may be rescheduled with 48 hours notice. Information to reschedule should be included in your booking confirmation email. If your reading is scheduled to occur within 48 hours and you need to modify the appointment date and/or time for emergency purposes, please contact me directly at No refunds are issued for re-scheduling.
  • I want to know what's going on with my partner/crush/parent/child/friend/enemy? Can you look into this during my reading?
    It's tempting to use divination to see about loved ones (and maybe even our foes). And while tarot can be used in that way, I tend to use divination differently. One of my major ethics of care is to read solely for the client who is present at the reading. My focus and attention would be on you so that we can explore the themes of your life, the energies around your quandaries, and how you can receive the most support along your journey.
  • I can't attend/I missed my live reading. Can I get a refund?
    All sales are final and no refunds are given for No Shows or Cancellations. If you missed your appointment, please contact me at to re-schedule your live reading or to discuss other options.
  • What if I'm late to my reading?
    Life be life-in' AND communication is key. If you're going to be late, I would appreciate advance notification so we can decide together if it's best to reschedule for a more suitable time. There is a ten minute grace period, after which time I will end the call and consider the reading cancelled due to No Show. To honor your time and mine, I will adhere to your reserved time slot regardless of when you join the session (e.g. If you arrive 10 minutes late to a 60-minute session, we have 50 minutes remaining in the reading). Refunds are not available as all sales are final. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.
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