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I would love to share time and hold space with you!

View my divination offerings and more detailed information below. 

I recommend reviewing the FAQ prior to booking.

Please note that my readings are for entertainment purposes. Although I take my spiritual care services seriously and it is my aim to practice divination with ethical care, my services should not be considered a substitute for legal, medical, or other professional advice. All clients retain their agency and I am not responsible for any decisions made after consultations or readings.

Tarot Consultation



This 15-20 minute consultation is for folks who have questions about divination and would like some clarity about what tarot is and how I utilize the tool to offer them care and guidance.


This call is perfect for folks who:

  • Are new to tarot and divination

  • Are not sure what questions to ask the cards

  • Are interested in booking a reading but have some questions that aren't already outlined in my FAQs

  • Want to know more about what they can expect in their reading


This is not a reading. The purpose is for us to chat, get acquainted, and for you to learn more about my offerings.

2023 New Year Reading

$133 / 60-90 min.


2023 is the year of The Chariot, which means we can expect themes of focus, determination, and charting new territory. But what does this mean for you and your individual journey? How can you prepare for what lies ahead in 2023?

In this 60-90 min. reading, we will explore the first SIX months of 2023 and dive into:

  • Your Tarot Year Card for 2023

  • An in-depth forecast to determine how you can best navigate January-June

Ancestral Medicine

$125 / 75 min. 

What do your Ancestors want you to focus on?


This divination offers the ancestral medicine you need now. We will ask your spiritual court for guidance and messages that you need in order to feel prepared, equipped, and encouraged along your path.


We will explore:

  • Ancestral messages

  • Lunar messages

  • Spiritual Medicine for the month

  • Guidance for career, love/relationships, and emotional/spiritual wellness

General Reading


$55 / 30 min.

This tarot offering is ideal for folks who are repeat clients and/or in need of quick insight and clarity regarding a topic of their choice. 


This is a pre-recorded reading! Your reading will be sent to you within 5 business days from the date you reserve. Excluding holidays.

Prayer Call



Do you have a prayer request? I'm happy to pray for you! 


Remember the church days of going down to the altar at the conclusion of a service to receive prayer? This was an opportunity to receive care from the community members and leaders, to have them lay hands on you to pray and speak specifically to your situation.


This care work is needed now more than ever before!

Mustard Seed Divination

(pre-recorded audio)

$25 / 15 min.


The Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, reminding us that when we partner with Spirit, we can do a LOT with very little.

Mustard Seed Divination is for those desiring quick insight or guidance.


**Be advised that for more in-depth questions, you may be recommended to book a longer divination**


This is a pre-recorded audio reading, which will be delivered within 5 business days from the date you reserve. Excluding holidays.

General Reading Live

$88 / 60 min. 

Perfect for New Clients and First-Timers!


This 60 minute offering is most ideal for folks who have never experienced tarot divination before (with me or otherwise) and/or would like to dive deeply into a topic or question.

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