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Weekly Word: Dreaming & Scheming

Hey there,

Listen. I felt a word in my belly so I had to get it out. Spirit is calling us to careful reflection and review so we can get very clear on our dreams and our schemes. The scheming I'm referring to is what Elder Arthur Rickydoc Flowers calls finessing. It's what he says Hoodoos do to create success. We be finessing these systems all the time... and the scheming I see for us is the strategies and plans to ready ourselves for the road ahead.

So as we prepare to close out this year, I wish you happy dreaming and happy scheming. Finesse your way to success the way our ancestors always have. Not because they didn't have the chops to make it. Au contraire! But because we know they always had to face opps. Finesse because anywhere there is a barrier, Spirit can show us a crack in the wall that will may the whole thing topple up out your way!

I hope today's message is encouraging to you.

Take good care.


"Dreaming & Scheming"


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