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Him & Her | Part One

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Photo by Edgar Chaparro


I can’t believe you fools never told me. I’ve been hooping with y’all for years. Hell, some of us even share the same barber and still—all that time together and not a damn soul told me the truth. Y’all let me sit up here and tell y’all about all these women I done been with over the years; let me carry on with my trifling ways. And nobody thought to warn me that this could happen.

Not you, Big Al. Not you, Harry. Not even you, Red. And you’re married, man, so I would’ve expected this to come from you of all people.

Why didn’t y’all tell me that love at first sight shit was real?


It should’ve been the worst day of my life.

I haven’t been to church in years but for some reason I felt moved to pray that morning. I didn’t ask for anything cheesy like hope or money. I just asked God for more.

Lately, my boss had been on my back because my assignments were subpar. And the fire that used to burn with passion when I walked in that place had been extinguished to ashes. It’s only been—what?—seven months since Darren broke up with me and left me to pay all the wedding vendors.

My life was a freakin’ mess.

Anyway, I walked into my office—after being late again—to find out I’d been fired. They gave me fifteen minutes to pack my stuff and had me kicked out the building. It didn’t make it any better that the security guard I'd been curving for the last month was the one they called to escort me out. He tried to use that moment as a last stand to get with me, but when I recoiled and exclaimed, “Negro, please,” he shoved me out the door... right into the arms of another man.

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