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Weekly Word: Wade in the Water

Wade in the water

Wade in the water, chirren now

Wade in the water

God's gonna trouble the water

As I was preparing this week's message, this song swept over me. Gently at first, then it grew louder and louder. I'm imagining this communal call to wade into the waters together. Unsure of what's out there, unsure if the water will carry us or if we'll slip beneath the surface and cease to exist, never to be remembered. The grief we're holding in this moment in time is heavier than many of us are able to admit. And yet... if we wade into the waters of our emotions... the Divine WILL trouble the waters... and we will come out washed anew, refreshed, and reinvigorated.

The water is healing and aids recuperation. Many of us need to bask in that a while.

If you've been hesitant to dip your toe into your grief, your emotions, your feelings, I hope this week's message helps you take the first step into the river.


Wade in the Water

May 1st-May 7th


Feel free to drop a comment or a message and let me know if this reading resonates!

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