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Weekly Word: What is Your Liberated Dream?

I've been spending time in Dayna Lynn Nuckolls' altar call featuring Hakim Pitts...and anytime I gather with them and the collective who joins in those powerful calls... we cry OUT for liberation. Think it not strange that this is what was on the forefront of my mind this morning and in this weekly word's meditation.

Pardon the morning voice, the alarm clocks sounding in the background, and any other stirrings of "the sounds of Blackness in the morning" as my friend, Sara Makeba, calls it. I had to talk these things out, ponder them out loud.

Thanks for rocking with me, y'all. Hope y'all have a great week!

Deck(s) Mentioned:

Chakra Deck by Shawn J. Moore


What is Your Liberated Dream?

May 22nd-May 28th


Feel free to drop a comment or a message and let me know if this reading resonates!

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