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Weekly Word: You Need Attention

Hey there sib,

Have you ever seen a child crying or throwing a tantrum and an adult responded, "Ignore it. They just want attention"? Maybe you were the child whose needs were dismissed in that moment. Since becoming a parent myself, I've wondered, "If a child needs attention, why don't we give it to them?" Why is it normalized and encouraged to ignore the cries of children, to walk away when a child throws a tantrum, to feel embarrassment rather than compassion when they have big displays of emotions in public?

Today, we're getting into reconnecting with our own cries for attention and the ways our bodies clue us into how we have been abandoned and neglected time and time and time again. Let me be the first to tell you... you need attention. And it's not an insult. I'm not scoffing at your need for love and care and for someone to shower you with affection. To be attended to is a beautiful, powerful, radical need. I hope this week provides an opportunity for that level of care.

Be well.


"You Need Attention"

July 10th-July 16th


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