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Weekly Word: Who Silenced Your Roar?

Hey sibs,

Today we're turning the spotlight on the folks, the family members, the oppressive systems that have tried to silence us, snuff us out, and make us feel small and insignificant. But every day we resist and we rise.

On July 15th, @letsgoayo tweeted:

I straight up REJECT white peoples’ belief that “victim” is a shameful thing for victims. As the world’s most dominant victimizers, Europeans have a vested interest in the idea that it is shameful to *be* victimized. In truth, victimization shames the oppressor.

That really says it all and speaks to a little of what I have to share in this week's reading. I hope you enjoy the message and that this week you're encouraged to embrace holy rage and show up for your community in whatever capacity you can muster.

Be well.


"Who Silenced Your Roar?"

July 17th-July 23rd


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