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Weekly Word: Release

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Hey sibs,

Spirit says we are crossing paths with some things, some folks, some ideas, some limiting thoughts and beliefs. Meaning, we are at a crossroads where we are changing directions. Whatever we've been trying to hold onto is ready to be released and transformed. This is good news! This week's full moon is blessing us with bright light so we can perceive truths that have been concealed or pushed aside. And then move accordingly.

Let things go. Welcome the changes. Rather, you can be the one to CHANGE things as a co-creator with the Divine and your spirits.

You'll be making decisions this week, great or small, and they will present themselves to you as you continue to move toward alignment and the answers to the prayers you've been singing, crying, and releasing.

What do you need to release? It's time.



*At one point during this reading, I used the word domicile when I meant to say domesticated.


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