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Weekly Word: Surrender

Hey sibs,

Spirit wants us to remember that any changes we've recently made to align ourselves to our destinies are YET in progress. Your seed of faith is in the ground and now it's time to tend to it with an unshakeable knowing that it willl yield good fruit. We don't always see the end from the beginning, but our benevolent spirits and Source are working it out for us. All we must do now is take aligned action and surrender the rest to Spirit.

Think it not strange if you're called to stand up and guide others through their growing season as you move through your own. That's what we call CO-LABORING! There's space in the birthing room for all of us to push our gifts into fullness.

Release called for us to let go, but Surrender asks us to trust that ALL things are working for your good, even when it doesn't look like they will.

If God be for you, WHO can stand against you?




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