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Weekly Word: Delay is Not Denial

Hey sibs,

Just because you haven't fully stepped into your dream doesn't mean it isn't meant to be. Sometimes we need breathing room to ground, reflect, and strategize our way to the next point of the journey.

And closed roads, obstacles, and changed plans do not mean your spirits or God have abandoned you or that you're on the wrong track. Sometimes it means you need to slow your roll... the way is YET being prepared for you. Don't be worried about the timing. The Divine has that part covered and will handle the rest. You keep doing what you know to do: trust yourself and get clear on your course of action.

You will not miss a single blessing that has your name on it. Trust me.

Ain't no such thing as being late to your own party.

Your ancestors will keep the lights on for you and warm you a plate when you arrive.


"Delay is Not Denial"


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