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Weekly Word: Not Yet... Hold On!

Hey sibs,

Y'all ever heard that church saying, "When the praises go up, blessings come down?"

Church folks were speaking about activating their faith by praising God in advance for the blessings they prayed for but had not yet seen. The praising, to me, is conjure and closes the liminal space between the Not Yet and the Already Here. I love this type of church conjure because this is great picture of what alignment to the Divine looks like... making oneself ready to step into that conjured reality. It's working the Spirit!

In today's Weekly Word, we're discussing Divine Alignment in the midst of that liminal space. We're talking about perservering and making yourself ready for the Not Yet.

May this week's message bring encouragement to your journey.

I hope you enjoy!


"Not Yet... Hold On!"


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