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Weekly Word: Rebirth is Reconnection

Hey sibs,

It's the end of October, when the folks say the veil is thinnest. *in my church voice* But how many know that you can ALWAYS call on your Dead when you need them? And what my spirits have been communicating to me lately is that life ain't been peachy--in fact, some things happening now might be darn near treacherous--but they have no intentions of leaving me in the middle of the mess. That's something to shout about!

What about you? Have you been feeling like you're going through a season of Death and Rebirth… leaving behind the old and making our way through to the new? If so, the spirits want us to know that skipping this process could mean potentially missing out on some necessary wisdom for what comes next. They have keys and kinship to offer us.

I hope today's message is encouraging to you.

Take good care.


"Rebirth is Reconnection"


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