We Are Adult Lit is a Twitter-based community that engages, promotes, and supports BIPOC authors of Adult Literature. We will host regular chats for agented and un-agented writers (#ALitChat), interviews with BIPOC Adult Literature authors (#ALitConvo), and sprints (#ALitSprints) to encourage productivity for creatives.

I created the #WeAreALit platform because BIPOC authors of Adult literature deserve to be celebrated, supported, and boosted. Adult literature (both fiction and non-fiction) has greatly impacted my personal writing journey, especially books written by Black women. I believe that all authors of color have unique and necessary stories to tell and #WeAreALit aims to support and showcase them! 


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 Jeida K.


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What is BIPOC?

BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

I do not identify as BIPOC, but I write and/or read Adult Literature. Can I still participate in the #ALitChat and #ALitSprints?

Absolutely! All are welcome, however be mindful that this platform specifically centers, celebrates, and boosts our BIPOC authors and their books. 

How often will you host #ALitChats?

That is currently to be determined. Check back here or stay connected with our Twitter account (@WeAre_ALit) for the most updated information.

I'm an un-agented/independent BIPOC author. How can I be involved in this community?

In many ways! We aim to support Adult Literature authors at all phases and spectrums of the publishing world. Our chats are a great place for un-agented Adult authors to gain new writer friends, find Critique Partners (CPs), and receive support in the drafting, revision, and query trenches. You'll get to mingle with some agented authors as well. Our sprints are also a great way to meet other creatives and build your community and network.

While many of the promotional tweets will be geared toward traditionally published BIPOC authors, there will also be special highlights for independent authors because #WeLoveIndieAuthors.  

What is an #ALitConvo? How does it differ from #ALitChat?

#ALitChat is open for all Adult literature writers to hang out on Twitter, answering questions about themselves, their projects, and their love for Adult literature.

#ALitConvo is our author spotlight series where a BIPOC Adult literature author will be showcased in promotional tweets and interviewed live on our Twitter page!


How can I be a featured author in #ALitConvo? 

Stay tuned for updates about #ALitConvo in 2021! If you have any questions in the meantime, email me at

Is this community only for writers?

While our aim is to boost Adult BIPOC authors, #WeAreALit is the perfect place for readers to discover new authors and stay informed about their favorite authors, book releases, and other bookish news.

Do you have a suggestion for an #ALitChat question or topic? Drop me a line!

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