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Dirt by Teffanie Thompson REVIEW

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Dirt” by national bestselling author Teffanie Thompson is a young adult novel about Washington Square, a twelve-year-old boy who loves basketball and hates reading. He and his family attend their family reunion where young Washington travels back to the days of slavery and meets his ancestors who risked their lives by learning to read. Teffanie takes readers on a wild ride as Washington comes face-to-face with the freedom and empowerment that reading and literacy have afforded his lineage and the African American community as a whole. “Dirt” is not only entertaining; it teaches valuable lessons that resonate long after you’ve read the last page. All brown boys and girls should read this book (or read it together as a family!). As parents, writers, leaders, teachers, and mentors, it is our job to ensure that today’s youth achieves their full potential. Books, words, prose, and literature open up a world that our young people should be exposed to, as young Washington discovers in this novel.

Teffanie uses “Dirt” to perfectly intermingle the love and appreciation for art, literature, history, and lineage that is sure to spark conversations with your little ones. Get this book for the children in your life and purchase a copy for yourself. “Dirt” encouraged and enriched my soul so imagine how many young people “Dirt” will inspire for years to come.

Purchase your copy of Dirt here!


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